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Psalm 119:37 reminds us: 

"Turn my eyes from worthless things, and give me life through your word." (New Living Translation)

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This link takes you to where you can search the Bible in multiple versions by text or topic.  Other Bible research tools are also available.

NIV Bible Study Resources - Bible Book Introductions & Outlines

Logon to and you'll find many resources that are helpful for studying the Bible based on the New International Version and the Today's New International Version of the Bible.   Among them, there are links for online audio versions of the Bible, including the NIV - Flash Player,  and the NIV - Real Player.  

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Click on this site to do a topical search of Christianity Today's extensive online periodical listings for topics of your choice.  

Christianity Today also maintains a vast library of free email newsletters on various topics of interest to Christians.

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