Foster Care
Mark & Denise Strimple

Foster Care and Adoption Support Ministries

Bethel UM Church hosts Clermont County's monthly Foster Parent meal and training session, and also hosts the annual County "Joy of Adoption" celebration.   With key leadership from Denise Strimple, supported by her husband, Mark, the Strimple's example of caring for dozens of foster children in their home has influenced others.  Several parents in this congregation have become Foster or Adoptive Parents through the years. 

Listen To An Audio Appeal for Foster Parents (Must hear this)

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Key Contact

Denise Strimple would be pleased to furnish you with more information about this much-needed area of ministry.  You may reach her at (513) 734-6068 or meemaw(at) .

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Links for more information

Clermont for Kids

Clermont Country Web Site related to Adoption and Foster Care.

How to become Foster / Adoptive Parents

The process to become a foster parent, foster to adopt or adoptive parent is outlined here.